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BOLD-C Equipment

Here at BOLD-C we have a wide variety of cinema and film equipment. We have a range of cameras, lights and audio equipment along with the accessories that go with them. Here is a closer look at what we have to offer.

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Each camera requires an SSD card and power supply. These are something that we have in our inventory as well! The SSD cards will require a card reader to get your footage off of the card. The RED Dragon 6k camera kits come with several SSD cards and a card reader. The power supply for the RED Dragon are external battery packs, we have multiple of these as well as charging docks for these battery packs. Our Blackmagic 4k production cameras will also come with a and SSD, the kit doesn't include the card reader but we try to make sure everyone who rents out a Blackmagic camera is able to get access to a card reader. The Blackmagic cameras come with a power cord that just gets plugged into a wall or extension cord.

Camera Lenses

Camera Stands and Motion


Our most commonly used lights are the Fillex LED kit for a few reasons. These lights are small, easy to use and set up, and quite portable. The stands, cords, and light fixtures all come in the one case, making them easy to store. That doesn't mean the other lights don't have their uses, for example the Arri lights provide a much stronger light source and with a wider range of control. The Kino Flo Celeb 400 is a great light to create ambient light with. Each light has a use, but it is up to you to decide what the scale or need for light in your project will be.

Light Diffusors