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General Policy

This is professional-grade equipment, and should be treated as such. When working with the Bold-C staff and equipment, you are expected to behave in a responsible and professional manner. We wish to give you the best service possible and expect the same in return. Any production that uses BOLD-C equipment should credit our organization.

Use of the Bold-C inventory of equipment is a privilege and should be treated as such. Respect for our rules, regulations, and safety precautions should be followed at all times. The goal of Bold-C is to bring industry-level equipment and experience to the students who seek it. In order to be able to do this, each exchange with students needs to follow the set rules, so that the next can enjoy and learn from the equipment without any broken, damaged or missing pieces. Failure to follow these principles will result in penalties including, but not limited to, loss of privileges.

Basic Eligibility

  • To be eligible for use of BOLD-C equipment, the student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above
  • The student must be up-to-date on the training manuals and safety precautions.
  • Projects that are eligible are those for academics, senior projects, school use, club use and other projects that might get approved.

Training Requirements

Along with these requirements students must meet some small training requirements. Among these requirements are the following:

Training Resources:
  • Training demos
  • Equipment Workshops
  • Safety Documentation
  • Approval from committee for certain items.

At a bare minimum level, we ask that the student take one workshop, keep up with the operating manual of any item being used, and follow the safety procedures. Specifically, for permission to use the RED Camera, the borrower will need a minimum of 20 minutes of training and operation of it. As mentioned earlier, some items will need advisory committee approval for use, as well as safety documentation.

Check-Out Procedure

When checking out BOLD-C Equipment, there are a number of items required. Equipment will not be checked out without them. They are as follows:

  • Student ID
  • Project manager’s name (Advisor / Photo Teacher / Community Partner)
  • List of items requested
  • Reason for use of equipment
    • Class
    • Senior project
    • Other approved Project
  • Documentation of location for shoot
  • Crew manifest
    • 80% of the crew must be current Behrend Students, provide their names and student ID numbers
  • Required Documentation (listed below)
  • Submit all required documentation two weeks in advance to production
    • Allows our team to find time and resources to support the project

Standard checkout will last a maximum of three days; however, we understand that things may not go as planned. Requests for extensions can be made, as long as they are formally made. Keeping the equipment without consent can result in consequences. To make an extension contact us with the details of your checkout and the reason for the extension. Some items are subject to differing rules, such as some lighting items and some cameras. The borrower will be briefed on these items when submitting a request to borrow them.

Required Documentation

Include all listed documents when submitting a gear request.

  • Brief Summary of the project (200 words maximum)
  • Detailed Production Schedule (This includes location and dates for every shoot)
Legal Documentation
  • Talent Release / Consent forms
  • Proof of Insurance
    • If using Hot lights or Grip equipment off Penn State Campus
  • Liability Release
    • If shoots are on private property and not owned by students


Reservations for equipment can be made by filling out the request form at the top of this page and sending it to us. In order to make a reservation, there are a number of things the requester must know to make said reservation. Among these are the following:

  • The dates needed
  • Name of individual who approved the project
  • Name of equipment needed
  • Duration of the reservation

Reservation policy follows the same general rules and requirements as regular checkouts. However, a reservation allows for scheduling and securing of equipment for a set production time frame.


Checkout will last the duration specified in the request form, however we understand that things may not go as planned. Requests for extensions can be made, as long as they are formally made. Keeping the equipment without consent can result in consequences. Failure to extend a lease will result in consequences up to and including loss of privileges.

Equipment Return

Return of equipment should be made at the set hours, but an appointment can be set with a member of the BOLD-C team. Upon return of the item, a short inception will be held to make sure the equipment is returned in the same condition in which it was borrowed. Before return, a set of procedures must be followed:

  • Empty any memory cards in the device
  • Return equipment in a fully-charged state
  • Report any issues with the equipment, if any

Rescheduled Return dates

When a return date is set up, you are expected to return equipment on that day. First offense of failing to do so will result in a warning. Second offense a temporary suspension. Finally a third a forfeit of all BOLD-C privileges.

Malfunctioning Equipment

In the event of malfunctioning equipment, please record exactly what occurred, and under what conditions it happened. This is crucial information for understanding how an issue arose so that it may be resolved.

Use of Content

Any content created using BOLD-C gear, or with a member of the BOLD-C team can be used as promotional material for the BOLD-C Program. This use can be but is not limited to web content, social media marketing, and digital signage.


When the student has possession of an item checked out, that student, alone, is responsible for it. At BOLD-C, we strive to create an environment of creativity and innovation. This environment cannot thrive if these rules are not followed. We hope to empower students to create the project of their dreams, but only if that does not inhibit the dreams of others. We ask the recipients to, please, keep these rules in mind when handling BOLD-C equipment.

Security and Storage

Items need to be stored in a secure location. Areas in a house with doors that can be locked are best. Cars are not an acceptable secure location. If a safe spot can not be provided, items can be brought back to campus.


The need for insurance may be applicable for some shoots. Items that are borrowed in bulk, where you may have a camera with all its accessories, and light kits. Times where only one item is lent, this will not be necessary.

Projects outside of Behrend

If you are from outside the Behrend community and borrowing equipment, students from the Behrend populace must be involved in some way. Members of the BOLD-C project must be allowed on set at any time.

Publicity and Credit

For any publicly available content credit Penn State Erie, The Behrend Campus for use of our gear. Credit us with:

  • Penn State Erie, The Behrend Campus
  • The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Penn State Behrend
  • The Black Family

Equipment Requisition Form

What equipment are you checking out?

Provide the addresses of the locations you will be shooting at

If no address is available for a location, nearest address or intersection is permitted.

How will items be stored during the shoot

Storage space Check here
Residential Building
Bringing back to Behrend

In the case of others, coordinate with a member of BOLD-C to check if it meets our requirements.

If bringing back to Behrend, coordinate with a member of BOLD-C to set up the time you will be beginning it back.

Names and Contact info of the members of your crew.

Name Phone Number E-mail


Project Advisor